Response to Instagram takedown

If you noticed @crewelandunusual vanished from Instagram overnight, it got suspended. I’m appealing it, and I’ll put the long story below. Maybe we’ll get it back, who knows. For now, I’m moving on with a new account kind of like a fresh start @crewelxunusual ?

Story time: A certain brand flagged a dozen plus posts that I made back in 2021 as copyright infringement. I never claimed the product as mine, I wrote in the caption details about the product, really promoting their brand and the quality of it. It was very clear that it was their product and brand. We, at Crewel & unusual, were only decorating the product with our embroidery. The kicker is that the distributor where we buy the products from have terms and conditions that state that we MUST decorate the brand’s product with a logo or design before selling.
The flagged posts were done all at one time, causing the account to get suspended almost immediately without any time for us to either edit or take them down. Pretty crappy action on their part. I know who did it and I’ll tell you who it was in-person if you’d like to know. It really sucks when you try to promote a brand and they don’t care about you at all, on top of that they go out of their way to hurt your small business.

This kind of stuff makes it feel like a dog-eat-dog world. But we’ll keep on trying to make it a dog-eat-treat world ???
– Daniel, artist & owner

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