Custom Embroidery

Do you have a minimum order?
No, we can do one piece and we can do 100 plus. However, you’ll get better pricing for a higher quantity of items than just one piece. See Custom Page for more information.

Can I bring in my own apparel to be embroidered?
Yes. And we can embroider on most things, if we can get it on the machine we can probably sew it.

Can you source apparel?
Yes. Here is a catalog for one of my suppliers. Email us if you don’t see something there that you’re looking for and we can check our other suppliers.

Can I submit my own .DST embroidery file?
Yes, however we are not responsible for sewing results of files not digitized by us. Files must be digitized for the size and what material they will be embroidered onto. (Example: A 6 inch embroidery file with 10,000 stitches cannot be sized down to fit on a sock at 1inch size. It must be digitized for the size and application.)

What is your turnaround time?
Average 1-2 weeks on most orders once we receive deposit and have all items in-hand. Some projects may require longer lead times. If we need to ship the order, add additional time for the carrier to deliver depending on location.

Why is pricing based on stitch count and not number of colors?
Unlike printing, embroidery pricing is based on stitch count rather than colors. It’s about machine time, as higher stitch counts will take longer to embroider than a smaller design even if they are the same number of colors.

Do you send a proof before running an order?
Yes, in most cases we’ll send a photo of the first test sew-out for approval.

Can you make one sample piece before placing a larger order?
Yes, the sample will be priced based on one item and its stitch count.

How many colors do I get to choose for my projects?
We can embroider up to 15 colors total per design. 1-6 colors are included in the normal pricing. 7-15 colors will have an upcharge for setup.

How much control do I have over the design process?
We will match the embroidery as close as possible to your artwork in sizing and colors. There are some limitations with embroidery versus printing. While there are a lot of thread options, not every pantone color is available as thread. Another limitation is very small text and intricate details. Letters can close up or become illegible smaller than 0.20 in. While some stylized fonts don’t work well at any size. We’ll work with you to make it look the best it can in an embroidery form.

Can you rush an order?
Yes, rush orders will incur extra fees. (For some orders, a rush may not be possible, such as something like 100 jackets in 1 day. Unlike printing, embroidery can take time to stitch large and complex designs. It will depend on the project, design, quantity, workload, availability of materials.)

Can you remove apparel tags and sew my brand’s label into apparel?
Yes, for an additional cost. You must supply the woven tags.

How many machines do you have?
As of writing this we have five computerized embroidery machines, three manual hand-cranked machines, one post bed machine, one industrial sewing machine.

Do you offer chenille embroidery?
Not for custom projects at this time.

Do you dropship?
No, we embroider the products in one batch per the order. Then we ship them to you or you can pick up in-person at our studio.

Do you offer screen printing?
We specialize in embroidery only, and we do it well. We can recommend a few places for screen printing.

How many spools of thread do you have?
Too many. We have a whole wall of threads and that’s not even all of them.

Do you make everything locally?
We digitize and embroider everything at our studio in Richmond, Virginia. We make some items completely from scratch. For most custom order projects, we source from brands such as Bella+Canvas, Champion, Gildan, Hanes, Independent Trading Co, Jerzees, Outdoor Cap, Sportsman, Richardson, YP Classics and others.

Who does the actual embroidering / who runs the machines?
The owner, Daniel , or one of our employees. We all multitask and tag-team jobs. At any given time, we’ll be embroidering, sewing, trimming, cleaning, designing, digitizing, shipping – basically whatever needs to be done. If it comes through our shop, either of us or both will have had a part in the making of it.

What made you start an embroidery business?
“They” said, “do what you love.” And I love making things. Kind a hobby turned to a job – for better or worse. Ha! Honestly, I do enjoy making things. I make my own designs and embroider those, and then with customer projects I get to make other people’s ideas a reality.

Shopping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?
We ship most packages USPS either First Class or Priority Mail. On occasion we will use UPS for large packages.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?
We process and ship orders weekdays. The actual shipping can vary depending where you live. We are located in Richmond, VA. Nearby by areas will be 1-3 days. The West coast areas might be 3-5 days. Holidays and peak postal service times may affect delivery time.

Do you offer local pick up?
Yes, there is a local pick-up option at checkout. We are open most weekdays 9am to 5pm. Other pick-up times by appointment.

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes, and tracking is available, however, International Mail can be slow and have frequent delays.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
We use Stripe to process payments, and they accept most forms of payment, credit cards, debit, etc.

Orders and Returns

How do I place an Order?
You can purchase our products through the webstore. For custom embroidery orders, please contact us to get a quote on your project.

Do I need an account to place an order?
You do not need an account to place an order, you may checkout as a guest. However you can also create account to save your order history or make placing a future order easy.

How Do I Track My Order?
You will receive an email tracking notification once we process your order. You can also view and track orders in My Account if you’ve made an account.

How Can I Return a Product?
For returns, contact us daniel@crewelandunusual.com

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