“Crewel” is a type of embroidery, pronounced just like “cruel.” All puns intended. 🙃

Inspired by nature, history, pop-culture, new and traditional methods, Crewel & Unusual represents a deep love for all things embroidered.

We specialize in machine embroidery, and we’re passionate about the process and quality.  All of our apparel and patches are embroidered at our studio in Richmond, Virginia.

in the studio photo

“Crewel & Unusual is a tumbleweed of thread, wit, and skill.”

Crewel & Unusual was born around 2012, when Daniel dropped his savings on his first industrial embroidery machine. Early on, he was operating under the name “The New Woodsman,” making cabin-themed sculptures and short-run embroideries. In 2017, we re-branded to encompass the studio’s larger range of products and specialties.

Having spent years in the commercial embroidery industry, Daniel wanted to make something other than logos and monograms. Coming from a creative and DIY background, where his mother would make their clothes as kids, some of which included space-themed fabric and puffy paint. Years later, Daniel began embroidering, making patches, and adding flair to apparel, giving new life to old clothes.

Crewel & Unusual also works with other artists, designers, makers, brands and businesses to bring their concepts to life and making projects happen.